Long Wheel Base (Tiny Wars kid)

Long Wheelbase Jeep with Wheel Blades

Even in days of old Chariots would fit spikes to their Wheels to increase their chances of damaging an enemy Vehicle in a Sideswipe, The use of such blades on the Wheels of a Vehicle allow it to cause more damage to an Enemy when Sideswiping or being Sideswiped.

Facts and FiguresEdit

By fitting Spikes, Blades, or Bars to the Vehicles wheels it is possible to increase the damage dealt during Sideswipes with other Vehicles.

Damage: +2

Max Speed: -5mph

Weight: 50

Cost: $3,000

When used if the Driver rolls a 1 on their Sideswipe Test their Wheel Blades are destroyed and the Wheel takes a Critical Hit, on the roll of a 6 the Enemy Vehicle takes a Critical Hit on the Wheel on the Sideswiped Side (Roll a Dice to determine which if it is not obvious.)

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