Most bikes direct all their power to the rear wheel and use the front for steering, while this system provides a good speed and handling some prever more control on the road, as such this system provides power to both wheels allowing the Bike to handle rough ground better and control speed more effectively.

Facts and FiguresEdit

By directing engine power to both wheels a bike can gain much greater control on the road, though a significant modification this system can be fitted as a part of a New Bike or an upgrade to an existing Bike.

Handling: +1

Braking: +10mph

Weight: 10

Cost (new Bike): $3'000 

Cost (Upgrade): $5'000

When Off Road Bikes with this system can more easily maintain their balance and control and as such they can effectively add +10mph to the Hazard Limit for Off Road movement, though this bonus is effectively applied with the Handling Bonus, so it is only used when an Drive Skill roll is required to maintain control over the Bike.

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