While most Road Warriors need a place to sleep it is not likely that they will use it during an Engagement, but many Drivers of Larger Vehicles have Sleeper Spaces to use on long journeys, but during an Engagement they may seem irrelevant, until a Character is injured and needs to lie down or be dragged on board, these Beds are soft enough to allow a Character to rest even while an Engagement is ongoing. In addition to this a Character can be positioned on a Bed even if he is awake and use the Sleeper as a Seat.

Facts and FiguresEdit

Building a Bed into a vehicle is typically only done in large vehicles but almost any vehicle with an Interior can have a Sleeper Space, only 1 Character can use a Sleeper at a time.

Passengers: +1

Interior Mount: 2

Cost: $200

Light and Heavy Cars, and Long Wheelbase Vehicles can have Interior Components, and each type has a limited number of components they can be fitted with.

Light Cars have 6 Interior Mounts.

Heavy Cars have 8 Interior Mounts.

Long Wheelbase Vehicles have 12 Interior Mounts.

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