Pz Territories are festooned with security cameras, fences, and security stations that are directly fed to the Enforcers who protect these Territories, but as a Sanctioned Agency a Player can gain access to this system and set up their own Security Office with Camera feeds from around their Territory.

Security OfficesEdit

Extensive camera networks monitor the roads and fences of PZ Territories and with access to these feeds the Agency can make quick responses to attack on the Territory, this system allows the Agency to keep an eye on vehicles and people within their Territory and gives them a much faster response time to threats within their territory.

Approach: +2

'Strength: +3

Cost: $25,000

A Territory equipped with a Security office gains a bonus to its strength as it has fences and extensive security measures, in addition the Agency can make use of their fast response equipment to increase their Approach roll, adding its bonus to any Engagement occurring in the Agencies Territory, but not in other Players Territories.

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