The use of Computers to regulate Vehicle Systems has been used for decades but the lack of available computers after the collapse of the US made them rare on vehicles, though some drivers cobble computers together to build systems for their Vehicles that provide presice control over a Vehicles Systems.

Facts and FiguresEdit

Fitting Computers into a Vehicle that connect to sensors all over the Vehicles systems allows the Driver to have information and controls that allow them to alter a Vehicles performance even during an Engagement.

Light Car Chassis

Handling: +1

Weight: 20

Cost: $7,000

Heavy Car Chassis

Handling: +1

Weight: 20

Cost: $10,000

Long Wheelbase

Handling: +1

Weight: 20

Cost: $12,000

If the Vehicle has a Passenger who is not a Gunner they can Man the Computer System and manage the Vehicle Manually, if this is done then they can attempt to prevent Handling Loss as a result of Critical Hits.

When the Vehicle Suffers a Critical hit that reduces Handling the Passenger rolls a D6 and on the Result of a 6 they prevent the Handling Loss (Though other effects of the damage remain), if they roll a 1 they make things worse and the vehicle suffers an additional -1 Handling (The Passenger can attempt to correct this mistake in following Phases but they may not retest against already sustained damage results.

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