Most Renegades are refitted PZ Civilian Cars, stripped of their Bodywork and Interiors to save space and weight, then refitted with Armour, a bigger engine, and Mountings for Weapons.

Facts and FiguresEdit

The Typical Renegade is fitted with Weapons and Passives to suit the purpose of the Vehicle in a Gang, this can vary considerably depending on the particular role the Driver plays in their force.

Handling: 5

Acceleration: 30

Breaking: 30

Max Speed: 142

Armour: 3

Crew: 1 Driver

Passengers: 0

Weapon Mounts: 1 Left Wing Medium Weight Weapon, 1 Right Wing Medium Weight Weapon, 1 Aft Medium Weight Weapon, 1 Hood Heavy Weight Weapon, 1 Roof Heavy Weight Weapon

Passive Mounts: 1 Aft Heavy Weight Passives

Damage: 18 (12,8,4)

Weight: 750

Cost: $35,000

The Renegade is fitted with a V8 Engine, Hydraulic Drive System, and 4 Layers of Plastic Body Paneling. the vehicle weight does not count the Driver. The Acceleration, Breaking, and Max Speed given must be adjusted if the weight exceeds 300.

Example SetupsEdit

Maniax Initiation Renegade

When a New Gang member wishes to join the Maniax they are often required to undergo an Initiation race with an armed renegade, with an experienced member of the Gang driving an identical car.

Handling: 4

Acceleration: 26

Breaking: 24

Max Speed: 128

Armour: 3

Crew: 1 Driver

Passengers: 0

Weapon Mounts: Left Wing Empty, Right Wing Empty, Aft Empty, Hood 6mm Machine Gun, Roof Empty

Passive Mounts: Aft Mine Layer

Damage: 18 (12,8,4)

Weight: 1075

Cost: $45,000

The Maniax Initiation Renegade is fitted with a 6mm Machine Gun and a Heavy Mine Layer, beyond that it is set up as a standard Renegade.

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