Little more than a ramshackle bike pulled together from parts found or salvaged to make a basic road Bike, the Rat Bike is often the first bike of young Gang Members, but is quickly upgraded if they survive long enough to make some money from it.

Facts and FiguresEdit

The Quick and dirty building of Bikes happens frequently in the NoGo as salvage and scrap are much more common than Bike Shops and the like, making Rat Bikes quite common in the settlements of the NoGo and even in the Slum areas of PZ Cities.

Handling: 5

Acceleration: 45

Braking: 40

Max Speed: 100

Armour: 1

Crew: 1 Driver

Passengers: 1 Pillion

Weapon Mounts: Left Wing Light Weapon Mount, Right Wing Light Weapon Mount

Passive Mounts: 1 Light Passive Mount

Damage: 9 (6,3)

Weight: 190

Cost: $10'500

The Rat Bike is fitted with a V2 Bike Engine, Cable Drive System, and 1 Layer of Carbon Steel Armour on all facings. the vehicle weight does not count the Driver but a Pillion Passenger must be added to the vehicles weight, and the Acceleration, Breaking, and Max Speed given must be adjusted if the weight exceeds 200.

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