Raider Gangs often pull together Trikes from the wreckage of both Cars and Bikes, this makes an ugly but effective weapons platform to support their vehicles on the road. The Raider Trike may not be as advanced as some vehicles on the road but its firepower more than makes it a dangerous opponent on the road.

Facts and FiguresEdit

Built from the parts of Cars and Bikes this Vehicle is made with the idea of providing support to the Gang while they make strikes against settlements in the NoGo. Though these Trikes are typically built by Raider Gangs there are plenty of Cults and even Sanctioned Ops Teams that make use of their own versions of Trikes; and some are even available in PZ Stores for Civilian ownership.

Handling: 3

Acceleration: 45

Braking: 40

Max Speed: 125

Armour: 2

Crew: 1 Driver

Passengers: 1 Pintle Gunner

Weapon Mounts: Left Wing Light Weapon Mount, Right Wing Light Weapon Mount, Aft Medium Weapon Mount

Passive Mounts: 2 Heavy Passive Mounts

Damage: 12 (8,4)

Weight: 415

Cost: $20'000

The Raider Trike is fitted with a V6 Engine, Cable Drive System, 2 Layers of Carbon Steel Armour. (The vehicle weight does not count the Driver but a Pillion Passenger must be added to the vehicles weight, and the Acceleration, Breaking, and Maximum Speed given must be adjusted if the weight exceeds 500.)

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