While Vehicles come with standard Tyres some Drivers prefer to use other Tyres that offer the vehicle benefits on the road. While Racing Tyres are not designed for Road Battles they are very effective at providing racing vehicles with better handling during a race.

Facts and FiguresEdit

A leftover from the days when racing cars did not carry weapons, these tyres are designed for racing and as such have a limited lifespan on the road but the do provide a slightly sticky tyre surface keeping the car on the road.

Weight: -5 per Tire

Cost: $1'000 per Tire

Racing Tyres have a limited lifespan and are not typically used on the Highway, these sorts of typres are used by Racing Cars on Track and Vehicles trying to use them on the Highway will find they do not last long. it also takes time for racing tyres to warm up and become effective.

If the Vehicle Begins play stationary then its Tyres are considered Cold and the vehicle suffers a -1 penalty to their Handling, after the Vehicle has Moved 18 Spaces the types are warm and the Vehicle suffers no Penalty, once the Vehicle has Moved 30 Spaces (In total including the 18 previous spaces) then the Tyres are at optimum and the Vehicle gains +1 Handling until they have traveled 150 Spaces or the Game ends at which point the Tyres are used and cannot be used in another Engagement.

If the Vehicle travels 150 Spaces on their Racing Tyres they must roll a D6 at the Beginning of each Turn. On the result of a 5 the vehicle suffers a Tyre Split (See Wheels Critical Chart), on a 6 the tyres burst and the vehicle loses its Handling Bonus from the Tyres and suffers a -2 Handling (See Wheels Critical Chart).

If the Vehicles Begins Play with a rolling start then their tyres are considered to be Warm and the vehicle suffers no Handling Penalty, they must then travel 12 Spaces before they are at Optimum and the Vehicle gains a +1 Handling, after this the vehicle follows the normal rules for traveling distance before the tyres are worn out.

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