Though only a small number of Psych Mutants are known to exist it is likely that the deeper desert where the worst sites of Radioactive, Toxic, and Waste Material deposits are is likely to have many that have never been seen before. And throughout the NoGo there are always rumors of super-powerful Psych Mutants that can lay waste to entire settlements, though any truth to these is largely unknown if it has any truth to it at all.

Using Psych PowersEdit

A Psych Mutant may use a Single Psych Power each Phase by declaring a Shoot (Or Combination Shoot) Action and declaring which Psych Power they wish to use, they then resolve their Action(s) in whichever order they choose, each Psych Power has its own effects in an Engagement and the Player should familiarize themselves with each Psych Power a Mutant in their Force has.

Psych Mutants are always endowed with a Single Psych Power when they are taken as a Character and it is normally from a small selection of the most common Powers listed below, But as time goes on a Psych Mutant that does not become completely mad or die before hand can improve their power over time and even gain new ones, though this takes a great deal of time and effort to develop.

Campaign Psych Mutants can select a Single Common Power from those listed below when they are first generated, while One Off Psych Mutants should roll a D6 to determine what power they possess and consult the List below to determine the Power.

Common Psych PowersEdit

The list below is the most common Psych Powers seen in the NoGo and is only meant to represent the most likely Psych Powers available to a starting Character, if all Players agree a Character in a Campaign may select a Psych Power from the List of Other Psych Powers.

Psych BlastEdit

Random Result: 1

Accuracy: +0

Damage: +0

Range: 6

Perhaps the most commonly seen Psych Power among those in the NoGo, this power allows the Mutant to unleash a blast of Psych Energy at a single Target within Range, this is resolved in the same manner as Shooting, the Psych Mutant must make a To Hit roll against their Target using the normal Difficulty for Range and modifiers, but if the Character rolls a 1 on their To Hit test they suffer a mental overload and gain +1 Psychosis from the pressure.

In Dark Future Roleplay Games a Psych Mutant with this power can use it to move objects that weigh less than themselves by dragging or lifting them and either attracting them toward the Character or pushing them away, Objects that weigh less than half the Character will float above the ground, while objects weighing more than half the Character Weight will drag over the ground, the target object cannot be another Character and will move 8 yards each Phase.

Psych ShieldEdit

Random Result: 2

Armour: +1

Move: -8cm

Psych Mutants with this Power are able to create a protective barrier around themselves to protect them from incoming weapons attack, during the Characters Action Phase they may activate the Shield to protect them from attacks until the beginning of their next Action Phase, if they do so they roll a D6 and add their Armour bonus, the Psych Mutant becomes protected by a Barrier of energy that absorbs some damage but slows the Character if they attempt a Move Action as part of the Powers Activation. the result of the D6 roll is halved (Round down) to determine Armour Value the shield has that Phase. if the Die rolls a 1 (Before modifiers) the release of energy drains the Mutants mind and they gain +1 Psychosis as a result.

In Dark Future Roleplay Games the Shield is a screen of energy and while it is not bright it does make sufficient light and noise to break any concealment the Character is using and alerts other nearby to the Character presence.

Psych HealEdit

Random Result: 3

Healing: +1

Range: 2cm

Some Psych Mutants are able to weave their energy into living things and heal them of their injuries, through the use of this power a Character can restore lost Wounds to Non-Mechanical Characters (Robots and Drones cannot be affected), this cannot remove the effects of Critical Hits but it will return a Character from 0 Wounds to simply Down. The Mutant rolls a D6 and adds their Healing Bonus to the result, Half the result (Round Down) is the number of Wounds healed on the Target Character, if the die rolls a 1 (Before Modifiers) the energy causes a small attack and causes the Psych Mutant to gain +1 Psychosis.

In Dark Future Roleplay Games the Psych Heal power can only be used against Animals, as Plants, Insects, and Fungus are very different from the Mutant internally.

Psych JumpEdit

Random Result: 4

Range: +0

Though one of the less common Psych Powers, the Psych Jump is still relatively widely known of in the NoGo, Characters with this power are able to direct their Psych Energy to create a brief conduit between them and a target direction allowing them to slip through the fabric of the world and emerge elsewhere. When used the Character rolls a D6 and adds their Range Bonus, the Character can then 'Jump' up to half that total in Spaces in any direction, the character need not Move the entire distance if they wish and may stop in any place they wish that they can stand easily in (They cannot appear inside a Vehicle), if the die rolls a 1 (Before Modifiers) the Conduit opens to some terrible place and grants the Mutant a glimpse of beyond and they gain +1 Psychosis as a result. The Character may only take items they can carry with them (within their Weight in items).

In a Dark Future Roleplay Game two or more Psych Mutants with this power can combine their Weight allowance to transport a larger object than they would normally be able to carry on their own (E.g. three Psych Mutants each able to carry 90 Weight wish to transport their Hulk Mutant friend and some supplies to another location, since they can each carry 90 they can transport a total of 270 weight so as long as the supplies don't weigh more than 70 they will be able to take their friend and supplies with them.)

Psych HackEdit

Random Result: 5

Hack: +0

Range: 3

The delicate circuits and programs of Machines can be tampered with by some Psych Mutants to create havoc from the systems, a Psych Mutant with this power is able to attack Machines (Including Vehicles, Robots, and Drones) with their mind, scrambling systems and causing havoc within them (See Attack Worm, when used the Character must be within range of their target to make an attack and rolls a D6 and adds their Hack Bonus, this is then resisted by the Machine with a D6 adding their Firewall rating, if the Psych Mutant wins then the system becomes infected with a Attack Worm like infection and must be fought off by the system normally, if the result is a Draw or the Psych Mutant loses there is no effect. If the Psych Mutant rolled a 1 (before Modifiers) they see the unbridled digital streams and momentarily become overwhelmed gaining +1 Psychosis.

In Dark Future Roleplay Games the Hack Power can be used to gain access to the Digital world much like a Character with a Hack Deck or 'The Plug' allowing the Mutant to reach out into the Digital Landscape and search for information, attack systems, and communicate over great distances, but they must be within range of a Computer that is connected to the Web before they can do so.

Psych MadEdit

Random Result: 6

Madness: +0

Range: 3

Some Mutants are able to unleash the terror and suffering they have endured on others causing a temporary psychological attack and delusions, When used this power overwhelms a Non-Machine Character (Not Robots or Drones) with Delusions, voices, and uncertainty. The Character rolls a D6 and adds their Madness bonus to the roll, the Target also rolls a D6 and adds their Skill, if the Psych Mutant wins the roll the target suffers a Psychological attack and loses their next Action Phase, in the case of a Draw or failure there is no effect. if the Mutant rolls a 1 they open up their own mind to their terror and suffering and gain +1 Psychosis, if the Victim rolls a 1 they suffer the unbridled anguish and gain +1 Psychosis in addition to the powers effect.

In Dark Future Roleplay Games Psych Mad is often feared greatly by other Psych Mutants and they will often avoid others with the power as they are already often teetering on the brink of madness themselves as a result of frequent backlash on their own minds.

Other Psych PowersEdit

While the vast majority of Psych Mutants have the Common Powers as listed above there are others that while much more rarified are known to some, these powers can be Selected for new Campaign Characters if all Players agree to use them, but One Off Characters should stick to the Common Powers, in Campaign or Dark Future Roleplay Games a Character can spend Mileage to gain additional Psych Powers over time and if the Player wishes they may buy powers from the below list in such a manner.

Psych PuppeteerEdit

Puppeting: +0

Range: 3

Rare and highly feared is this Psych Puppeteer power, able to allow the Psych Mutant to attempt to take control of another living being (not Robots, Vehicles, or Drones) this power can be used to great or terrible effect. the Mutant rolls a D6 and adds their Puppeting Bonus to the roll, the Victim rolls a D6 and adds their Skill, if the Mutant Wins the roll they take control over that Characters next Action Phase, if the roll is a Draw of failure there is no effect. if the Psych Mutant rolls a 1 they see into the darkest parts of the targets mind and suffer a panic attack causing them to gain +2 Psychosis. If the Psych Mutant attempts to make a Character commit suicide the victim rolls To Hit with a Range of equal to their Skill, if they miss they manage to stop themselves from dying by holding back their gun arm.

In a Dark Future Roleplay Game a Controlled Character can be used to perform any action allowed in the Roleplay Actions section.

Psych ViewEdit

Vision: +0

Range: 3

Reaching into the their mind some Psych Mutants are able to spread their vision out to other places and see detail they could not normally see, Characters with this power may focus on a single target in range and roll a D6 adding their Vision Bonus to their roll, a Target Character rolls a D6 and adds their Skill or a Vehicle adds their Armour. If the Mutant wins they may examine the Character or Vehicles Record Sheet, if they roll a Draw or fail they see only strange shapes and patterns, if the Mutant rolled a 1 (before Modifiers) they see into the beyond and terrible things there causing them to gain +1 Psychosis.

In a Dark Future Roleplay Game this power can be used to view events going on in an area, both hearing and seeing the events as if they were standing in the area with anyone who is there, they may watch people use codes, read documents, or even take bribes in complete safety.

Psych HideEdit

Camouflage: +1

Some Psych Mutants have developed the power to blend in with their environment and pass unnoticed when they need, When used this power causes the Mutant to become indistinct and blend in with their environment, the Mutant roll a D6, on the result of a 1 they warp their own senses into some horrors momentarily causing them to gain +1 Psychosis, otherwise they become camouflaged raising the difficulty of all To Hit rolls against them by their Camouflage Rating, the effect lasts for a number of Turns equal to the score on the die, this includes the Turn the Power was used in.

In a Dark Future Roleplay Game the Character cannot blend in with PZ Citizens and look like one of them, they must instead linger in the shadows and blend in with the environment hiding from view rather than seeming like everyone else.

Psych RepairEdit

Repair: +0

Range: 2cm

Though the power to heal others is common among Psych Mutants, the power to weave energy into machines is much more complex and few Mutants have developed this power, when used the Character rolls a D6 and adds their Repair Bonus to the roll, they compare the total with the result of the Critical hit they are trying to repair (See Critical Hit Chart) if they win the roll the system is repaired and begins functioning, if they Draw or Fail they do not get the Machine working this time, on the roll of a 1 (before Modifiers) they overload their mind with the energy and gain +1 Psychosis.

In a Dark Future Roleplay Game the Character can attempt to restore Vehicles, Robots, and Drones as listed above, but they may also get a Machine that is wrecked to work again temporarily allowing them to question destroyed Robots or access data briefly before the system damage becomes too much and they pass away again.

Psych WallEdit

Wounds: 9

Range: 3

Weaving energy into structures is a fine art that few Psych Mutants are able to master, the use of this power creates a barrier or wall of energy that is as solid as any wall however brief, when used the Character rolls a D6, if they roll a 1 the energy backlashes and wracks the Mutants Mind causing them to gain +2 Psychosis, otherwise the Mutant creates a Wall of energy filling 2 Spaces side by side (8cm by 4cm), this wall is solid and any object within the Spaces when it is created are moved to the nearest edge, any Vehicle that hits the wall counts as having a head on crash with a stationary vehicle, Characters and Vehicles cannot enter the spaces for a number of Turns equal to the result rolled for its creation, if attacked with weapons the Wall suffers damage as if it were a Vehicle, once its Wounds are reduced to 0 it dissipates. The Character can only have 1 Energy Wall in play at a time.

In a Dark Future Roleplay Game the Energy wall can be shaped to allow Characters and Objects to enter a doorway on one surface and remain inside the barrier as if it were a building, providing protection from the Environment as if the Characters were inside any normal building. the shape of the Building can be any the Psych Mutant wishes as long as it does not exceed 32 square yards in floor area (even if split over multiple levels, and only walls, floors, and ceilings are created not stairs).

Psych SummonEdit

Summoning: 1

Range: 3

The power to reach out over the NoGo and call upon the damned children of this age is very rare and few if any Psych Mutants have ever been seen to wield it, This power is able to reach out the energy within Rad Zombies and call them forth through the otherworld to aid the Character for a short time, the Character rolls a D6, if they rolled a 1 (before Modifiers) they send themselves into the Otherworld for a moment and see all its horrors gaining +2 Psychosis, otherwise they summon a number of Rad Zombies equal to their Summoning Rating to a place within Range, these Rad Zombies are controlled by that Character for a number of turns equal to the result on the roll. If all players agree a Psych Mutant may have an alternative version of this power that summons Wild Dogs, or other similar creatures instead of Rad Zombies, this functions in the same manner as normal except the type of creatures summoned.

In a Dark Future Roleplay Game the Character can summon Rad Zombies and command them to perform any simple labor task, such as moving boxes, fighting, guarding a door, holding a stack of parts, etc.


During long Campaigns or Dark Future Roleplay Games a Character will gain Mileage and can use it to improve as any normal Character, but Psych Mutants can also spend Mileage on their Powers, improving their existing power or learning a new one.

If a Character wishes to improve an existing power they must select which power and which Stat of that power they wish to improve, it costs 10 times the current rating of the Stat to improve it by 1 point (Ranges in cm increase by 2cm), this can raise the Stat of that Characters Power and make it grow stronger over time, Stats that begin at 0 cost 10 Mileage Points to raise to 1.

Learning a new Power is time consuming and requires dedication to the cause, but a Character that saves up enough Mileage can buy a new Psych Power to add to their current power (or powers), this costs 25 Mileage and requires the Character to study for a full Campaign Sequence, they may not join any Engagements or perform any Downtime Actions but study.

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