Bikes provide only a limited amount of Firepower due to their limited quantity of Weapon Mounts. They typically only carry Lightweight Weapons. The addition of support frames and control systems to a Bike can add 2 additional Medium Weapon Mounts, which allow for greater firepower on a Bike. Note, however, that doing so comes at the penalty of increasing the weight of the Bike. While the Outrigger Mounts themselves may add only a little extra weight, once equipped with weapons the Bike overall will immediately become much heavier.

Facts and FiguresEdit

These frames are fitted to the sides of a Bike as a pair and provide the bike with 2 Medium Weapon Mounts on the Sides of the Bike, they must always be balanced in order to allow the rider to control the bike and they must be linked.

Weapon Mounts: Left Side Medium Weapon Mount, Right Side Medium Weapon Mount.

Weight: 10

Cost: $5,000

Bikes fitted with Outrigger Mounts cannot Double Load Medium Weapons fitted to them but they may Double Load Light Weapons fitted there. If the weapons on the Outriggers are the same as those on the Bikes Wings they can be Quad Linked to provide extremely high firepower to the bike. A Bike with Outrigger Mounts may not be fitted with a Sidecar.

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