A Nox Injection system, when activated, adds both extra fuel and extra oxygen into a vehicle's engine, simultaneously: which makes it possible to gain a sudden and significant boost to the speed of a vehicle.

(How sudden and/or how significant depends upon many factors: not least of which is how much extra fuel and/or oxygen is being added, above what the engine would normally use.)

However, it should be noted that this extra performance comes at a significant risk to the operation and/or longevity of the vehicle's engine, and/or other mechanical components. This is due to a variety of reasons, such as the laws of physics -- (such as an engine components, in this case, not particularly liking huge amounts of stresses being applied to said components instantly, during normal operation; or for that matter, engine components not liking the sudden stoppage of the added fuel and oxygen). There is also the possibility of an imbalance between the delicate but critical ratio to be maintained, of the extra oxygen and extra fuel which are being injected into the engine. A worst case scenario, in this instance, will result in a situation very much like a cutting torch, suddenly being applied to one's rapidly-moving internal engine components; followed by the potential for cascading system failures elsewhere: such as your exploding engine dumping oil in front of your rear tires, etc.

Long story short: while Nitrous Oxide or Nox can be quite useful at times, like anything, any power-enhancing scheme or device has limitations and trade-offs which it would be wise to know about, and plan ahead for: so as to avoid engine loss and/or other sudden and catastrophic failures, at the worst possible time.

Facts and FiguresEdit

Originally referred to as Nos, or NO2, or Nitrous Oxide, this system provides a vehicle with a sudden and significant increase to its Acceleration and Max Speed, though this is not automatically active as it can cause the engine to explode.

Acceleration: x2

Max Speed (Cars and Vans): +40mph

Max Speed (Bikes and Trikes): +10mph

Shots: 24

Weigh: 5

Cost: $2'000

A Vehicle with a Nox Injector must declare they are activating it by making a Shoot action and activating the Nox, at the end of each Phase where the Nox is active the Player rolls 2D6, on the result of a 2 or 12 the engine suffers an immediate critical hit and the Nox injector shuts down.

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