As a result of repeated exposure to Toxic Chemicals, Radioactive materials, and other Wasteland hazards, some Human settlements have gradually transformed into Mutant settlements. These Mutants are as varied as their personalities, some are big hulks while others are just grotesque people with little difference to Humans under the skin.

Mutants in ForcesEdit

Mutants can be used to build Gangs and Cults, but they are not allowed to enter PZ Territories as they are for 'Civilized' People, this prevents them from finding work in Ops Teamss or in fact in any PZ industry or commercial interests, only Vulture TV Stations like to have Mutants in their media, and even then only to demonize them as what's wrong in the NoGo.

Humans in the NoGo are somewhat more accepting of such creatures and as a result a Gang or Cult can have both Human and Mutant Characters as a part of it, though Mutants often band together to create entirely Mutant Gangs and Cults rather than mix with Humans, who even at the best of times are slightly repulsed by Mutants (at least in the opinion of most Mutants).

Mutant CultsEdit

The NoGo is littered with places where the young are warped by Radiation, Toxic Chemicals, and Industrial Waste, and Mutants that live in such Territories often build Faith Systems around these places, considering them a sort of Evolutionary mechanism. Mutant Cults often center their Faith systems around the idea that they are the next step in the evolution of the Human race, a version that is designed to live in an increasingly toxic world.

Mutants in Cults will typically focus their efforts on expanding the Mutant population of the NoGo, and more than a few will even go to the extent of capturing Humans and exposing them to the Mutagenic properties of their Territory to make more Mutants, though most Humans exposed to this will die, a few will survive and become mutants (Though they are often not very pleased about the manner in which it happened).

Players that create Mutants Cults will have to decide if their Territory is centered around a Mutagenic Site or not, though this will mainly affect what kinds of Characters are available to the Cult during a Campaign. Cults with a Mutagenic Source will only have access to Mutants but can create new Mutants if they capture Civilians, while Cults that have no Mutagenic Source will have access to Humans as well as Mutants for their force (Both can have Robots).

Cults with Mutagenic Sources in their Territory can convert captured civilians into Mutants to increase their Cults Manpower. When the Cult choose a Raid Mission on another Players Territory or a PZ Territory and are the victors they may immediately roll a D6 to see how many Humans have been captured from the general population, During that Forces Downtime Phase they may then expose the captured civilians and convert them, roll a D6 for each civilian converted, on the result of a 6 they become a Mutant and join the Cult as a new Character (See Character Design). If the roll results in a 1 then the civilian survives and becomes a Mutant but hates the Cult for their actions and offers to join another players Cult or Gang as a new Character instead (if there is more than 1 Cult or Gang to chose from roll randomly to determine which, if they are turned away they keep trying different Cults and Gangs until they are accepted). In either case the new Member does not cost any cash to take into a Cult (or Gang) but comes with no Equipment or Vehicles of their own. Any other result on the roll causes the civilians death.

If the Cult does not have a Mutagenic Source they can have Human Cultists as normal.

Mutant GangsEdit

Not all Mutants are of the Faithful type and more than a few choose to eek out a living as Road Gangs or other types of Organized Criminal Gangs, Mutants that become part of a Gang are treated in much the same manner as Human Gangs, though like Mutant Cults they may have a Mutagenic Source in the Territory.

If the Gang has a Mutagenic Source they must all be Mutants (or Robots) in the Gang as any Humans will likely die or become Mutants themselves, as with Mutant Cults a Gang may capture civilians and expose them to the Mutagenic Source with the same rules as for Mutant Cults.

If the Gang does not have a Mutagenic Source they may have Humans in their Gang as normal.

Mutant TypesEdit

Mutants come in a variety of types which are represented in the form of Mutation Packages, these packages are not meant to suggest that there are just a few types of Mutants that form as a result of the Mutation Process, instead they cover a variety of potential mutations that result in the same or similar outcome for the Character.

Though there are plenty of Mutants that are different from Humans in a noticeable way there are also those that have very little difference to Humans in their actual Stats and abilities, though all Mutants have certain differences that set them apart from Humans.

All Mutants are obviously physically different from Humans and as a result are not welcome in PZ Territories and any attempt to enter them will result in an encounter with the PZ Enforcers for that Territory. In addition to this disadvantage all Mutants are able to survive in normally hostile situations, Mutants need never roll to resist Radiation or Toxic Environments they encounter during an Engagement.

Mutation PackagesEdit

There are several different Mutation Packages that can be selected for a New Mutant when it Joins a Players Force, a Character may chose a single Mutation Package from the list below.

Basic MutantsEdit

Some Mutants are nothing special and have the same basic profile and Stats as a Human Character, though they benefit from the resistance to Radiation and Toxic Environments as all mutants do, and their appearance prevents them from going Shopping or Clubbing in the PZ.

Hulk MutantsEdit

The Hulk is a form of Mutant that has grown larger and stronger than normal, this results in them having difficulty in many normal situations due to their sheer size, typical Hulks stand 8 or more feet tall and Weigh twice that of a normal Human (a typical Hulk Miniature should stand 25 to 26mm tall).

Drive: Due to their size and weight a typical Hulk lacks the finesse to Drive as well as Humans, Campaign Hulk Mutants begin with a Drive of 1 rather than 2, One Off Hulk Mutant Character lose -1 point from their randomly generated Drive Skill.

Kudos: Mutants are more shocking than Humans and as such can find they are demonized by the Vulture TV Stations, this allows them to gain Kudos in much the same manner as Humans, though they are never painted as the good guys, Campaign Hulk Mutant Character begin with a Kudos of 1 to represent the immediate interest the media has in the Characters Exploits.

Psychosis: The life of a Mutant is tough and there is little chance of getting through it without some psychological issues, Hulk Mutants gain Psychosis in the same manner as Humans. Campaign Hulk Mutant Characters begin play with 2 Psychosis as a result of their tough lives.

Wounds: Bigger and tougher than Humans. A Campaign Hulk Mutant Character begins play with 5 wounds rather than 4, One Off Hulk Mutant Characters gain +1 Wounds to their Randomly generated Wounds.

Armour: Due to thick skin and less sensitive nerves a Hulk is gifted with a naturally armoured hide. Hulk Mutant Characters begin with an Armour of 1.

Mileage: As with Humans a Hulk Mutant is able to grow (figuratively) and learn from their experiences on the road, as a result they gain Mileage as normal. Campaign Hulk Mutant Characters begin play with 0 Mileage.

Weight: Due to their size a Hulk Mutant is much heavier than a Human. Hulk Mutant Characters weigh 200 rather than 100.

Cost: A Hulk Mutant is a valuable ally on Foot and as such costs an additional $1,000 over the normal price for a Character in the Players Force.

Psych MutantsEdit

Though rare some Mutants develop abilities that no normal Human possesses, these sorts of Mutant are typically the most deformed of their kin, suffering from weakened physical bodies and poor coordination, but they do gain a distinct advantage in their other abilities.

When a Player creates a Psych Mutant Character they must select 1 Psych Power from the list below.

Drive: Due to their diminished Physical ability Psych Mutants do not make good Drivers. a Campaign Psych Mutant Character begins with a Drive Skill of 1 rather than 2, One Off Psych Mutant Characters lose -1 from their randomly generated Drive Skill.

Kudos: As with other Mutants the Psych Mutant is considered to be more shocking and horrific than a Human Driver. Campaign Psych Mutant Characters begin with 1 Kudos due to the Vulture TV Stations interest in Shock Factor.

Psychosis: Much like other mutants life is hard for Psych Mutants, but their Powers cause them more suffering than they often show. Campaign Psych Mutant Characters begin play with 3 Psychosis.

Wounds: While most Psych mutants do appear very frail they are not much worse off then Humans due to their deformed Skeletons and thick skin. Campaign Psych Mutant Characters begin with 4 Wounds, One Off Psych Mutants roll as normal on the random Stat Chart.

Armour: As with Humans a Psych Mutant does not have natural Armour and must either make or buy Armour to gain any. Both Campaign and One Off Psych Mutant Characters begin with 0 Armour.

Mileage: Psych Mutant Characters gain Mileage in the same manner as Humans, and begin play with 0 Mileage.

Weight: Their smaller frames and withered appearance results in Psych mutants having a Weight of 90.

Cost: Due to their mental powers a Psych Mutant costs an additional $500 over the normal price of a new Character for a Players Force.

Psych PowersEdit

(See Psych Powers for more information)

Psych Mutants always have a single Psych Power from the list below, when a Player creates a new Psych Mutant they must select (or roll a D6 for One Off Psych Mutants) a single power from the list below. When a Psych Mutant wishes to use a Psych Power they must declare a Shoot Action and follow the rules for the Psych Power, the Mutant may only use a Psych Power once per Phase.

(1) Psych Blast: The Psych Mutant is able to make a ranged Psych Blast against opponents, when used the Psych Mutant rolls an attack as if using a normal Weapon with Accuracy: +0, Damage: +0, and Range: 6, if the Mutant rolls a 1 when rolling To Hit they gain 1 Psychosis point instead of using their blast power.

(2) Psych Shield: When the Psych Mutant is attacked by an Enemy Vehicle or Character they may use their Psych Shield to protect themselves from Damage, when the attack is declared the Mutant rolls a D6 and reduces damage from the attack by half the die result (E.g. a roll of a 2 or 3 gives 1 Armour, a 4 or 5 gives 2 Armour, and a roll of a 6 gives 3 Armour), the incoming damage is reduced by this total as if the Mutant was wearing Armour, if the result is a 1 the Damage is taken as normal and the Psych Mutant gains +1 Psychosis.

(3) Psych Heal: The Mutant is able to Heal Wounds suffered by a Character in an Engagement, when the Mutant is in the Same Space or Vehicle as an Injured Character they may roll a D6 and Half the result to determine how much is healed(a 2 or 3 heals 1 Wound, a 4 or 5 Heals 2 Wounds, a 6 Heals 3 Wounds), if the Mutant rolls a 1 they heal no Wounds and instead gains 1 Psychosis.

(4) Psych Jump: A Psych Mutant with this Power is able to 'Jump' short distances on the Road (They may not carry Vehicles or other Characters with them), When used the Mutant roll a D6 and Halves the result for the number of Spaces they 'Jump' (a 2 or 3 results in 1 space jump, a 4 or 5 is 2 spaces, and a 6 is three spaces), if the Mutant rolls a 1 they do not 'Jump' and instead gain 1 Psychosis.

(5) Psych Hack: The Mutant is able to scramble computers and machines with their Power, the Mutant may make a Hack attempt in the same manner as with Software Attacks, rolling a D6 against the defenses of the target Robot or Vehicle, if they roll a Backfire result they gain 1 Psychosis instead.

(6) Psych Mad: The Psych Mutant is able to attack another Characters mind and cause them to suffer delusions on the road, both the Psych Mutant and Target roll a D6, if the Mutant wins then the Victim suffers sudden Maddening delusions and cannot make any Actions in this Phase, if the roll is a Draw or the Mutant Loses then there is no effect. If the Mutant rolls a 1 then they suffer the effect of the power and gain 1 Psychosis, if the Mutant rolls a 6 their victim also gains 1 Psychosis.

Savage MutantsEdit

Some Mutants are twisted so much that their minds are reduced to a more animalistic condition and as such they are unable to function like normal people do, these Mutants are vicious on the Road moving to attack enemies in Close Combat, these Mutants are always loyal to their Gang or Cult but never to other organizations.

Drive: Savage Mutants are not able to Drive Vehicles and always have a Drive Skill of 0.

Kudos: While Savage Mutants are more Shocking than Humans they rarely have personalities for the Vulture TV Stations to exploit, as a result Savage Mutants gain Kudos half as fast as other Characters. Savage Mutant Characters begin with 0 Kudos.

Psychosis: The Animalistic nature of Savage Mutants brings them a sort of peace as they are not aware of the ridicule and torment that other inflict upon them, as a result Savage Mutants gain Psychosis half as fast as other Characters. A Savage Mutant Character begins with 0 Psychosis.

Wounds: Savage Mutants are able to ignore pain more easily than Humans and as a result they can withstand more injury before going down. A Campaign Savage Mutant Character begins with 5 Wounds, a One Off Savage Mutant gains +1 Wounds over their randomly generated Wounds.

Armour: Most Savage Mutants have thick scarred hides or even scaly skin that provides them with some protection from injury, but they will not wear Armour. Savage Mutant Characters begin with 1 Armour.

Mileage: While a Savage Mutant can develop over time they are not as able to learn from their experiences as others are and gain Mileage at half the usual rate. Campaign Savage Mutant Characters begin with 0 Mileage.

Weight: Savage Mutants are not much different in size than Humans and as a result they weigh 100.

Cost: Savage Mutants are of limited use in a Gang or Cult as they cannot Drive Vehicles or use Equipment, as such they cost $250 less than the Standard price for a new Character.

Savage Mutants are typically equipped with claws or protrusions that deal more damage than fists and feet, when a Savage Mutant attacks a target they add +2 to their combat roll, and commonly Run when they are On Foot so they can cover ground quickly.

New MutationsEdit

While the Mutation Packages provide a basic selection of Mutant Types it is likely that many Mutants will not fall into one of these broad groups, this can result in Mutants that are much rarer than the common standard, or even One Off Mutants that are in a class entirely of their own. While the Mutation Packages are designed to provide a reasonable selection of Possibilities it is certain that some Players will have other ideas for their own types of Mutant.

If a Player wishes to create a new Mutation Package they can use the System presented here to create them, as default the Mutant would be generated as a normal Human first including their Cost, but each change to a Stat or special Modifier added should adjust the Cost of the Mutant, and Players should never exceed $1,000 increase in the base cost of the Character.

Drive: +1 Costs $250, -1 Gives +$100.

Kudos: +1 Costs $100, -1 Gives +$50, Half Rate Gives $250.

Psychosis: +1 Gives +$X50, Half Rate Costs $250.

Wounds: +1 Costs $250, -1 Gives +$100.

Armour: +1 Costs $250. (Max 1 Point per 250 weight (or part)).

Weight:+10 Costs $30, -10 Gives +$15.

Psych Power: 1 Psych Power Costs $350 (A Character cannot begin with more than 1).

Close Combat +1 Costs $100, -1 Gives +$50.

Equipment: Cannot Use Equipment Gives $750.

A Modifier that Costs increases the total cost of the Character, while Modifiers that Give reduce the total cost of the Character.

A Mutant that cannot use Equipment is also not able to Drive Vehicles, or use Weapons of any Kind.

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