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Rad Zombie

Some places in the NoGo are so toxic that they cause anyone who is exposed to them to suffer Radioactive, Technological, Mutagenic, Environmental or Toxic poisoning, this most commonly results in the Character dying, but some are mutated, devolved or transformed into Rad Zombies or Mutants/Mutagenics, these places are of great value to Mutant Cults and the darker gang aspects, as they allow them to create new Mutants and freaks for the fight.

Mutagenic SourcesEdit

Highly Radioactive, Biotechnological dumps or Toxic Sites can cause Humans to become Mutants and those that don't will simply die or worse become a Rad Zombie, Having a Mutagenic Source in a Territory means only Mutants and Robots can survive there, But they do benefit from a mechanism that both protects them from Humans wanting the territory and a way to make Mutants (If they wish)

Toxicity: +3

Cost: $1,000

Forces with Mutagenic Sources in their Territory can convert captured civilians into Mutants to increase their Manpower. When the Force choose a Raid Mission on another Players Territory or a PZ Territory and are the victors they may immediately roll a D6 to see how many Humans have been captured from the general population, During that Forces Downtime Phase they may then expose the captured civilians and convert them, roll a D6 for each civilian converted, on the result of a 6 they become a Mutant and join the Force as a new Character (See Character Design). If the roll results in a 1 then the civilian survives and becomes a Mutant but hates the Force for their actions and offers to join another players Cult or Gang as a new Character instead (if there is more than 1 Cult or Gang to chose from roll randomly to determine which, if they are turned away they keep trying different Cults and Gangs until they are accepted). In either case the new Member does not cost any cash to take into a Cult (or Gang) but comes with no Equipment or Vehicles of their own. Any other result on the roll causes the civilians death.

A Mutagenic Source causes the Territory to be considered a Radiation Hazard Zone, this increases the total Toxicity of the Territory by +3.

Those that don'tEdit

While a small number of people exposed to a Mutagenic Source will become Mutants, the majority do not. This however does not mean the rest simply die, though that is the inevitable result, Some of these unfortunates become Rad Zombies for a period of time before the decaying results of such doses eventually kills them entirely.

As a result of this outcome a Gang or Cult with a Mutagenic Source will also generate a number of Rad Zombies over time, this grants them access to buying Rad Zombies as a part of their Support Forces.

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