Widely used as the main form of combat weapon on the road, the Medium Weight Weapon is perhaps the most versatile group of weapons available to a vehicle, too heavy for Characters On Foot, but able to be fitted to any Weapon Mount on Cars and Vans, as well as on Trikes, Side Cars, and Outrigger Mounts.

Medium Weight WeaponsEdit

As With other Vehicle Weapons the Medium Weight Weapon uses the same rules and restrictions, but they offer the best damage to weight ration of any weapon, falling in the middle ground they provide effective killing power with reasonable prices.

6mm Machine GunEdit

Range: 16

Accuracy: +2

Damage: +1

Shots: 12

Weight: 175

Cost: $5'000

Reload Cost: $100 per Shot

Double Load Ammo: +12

Double Load Weight: 300

Double Load Cost: +$1'500

Much like the 4.2mm Machine Gun this heavier version uses fewer plastic components and has a much better supply of ammunition to allow for longer engagements without running dry. The weapon cost comes with a full clip of ammunition and the cost for double loading includes the additional ammunition to fill the extra ammo added.

15mm AutocannonEdit

Range: 18

Accuracy: +1

Damage: +3

Shots: 8

Weight: 250

Cost: $9'000

Reload Cost: $500 per Shot

Double Load Ammo: +8

Double Load Weight: 375

Double Load Cost: +$4'500

A High calibre cannon mounted on the vehicle, the 15mm Autocannon provides a heavy hitting strike from a rapid fire platform that supports multiple rounds of fire. the weapon cost includes a full clip of ammo and the Double Loading cost includes an extra 8 rounds to fill the clip.

20mm Grenade LauncherEdit

Range: 16

Accuracy: +0

Damage: +2HE

Shots: 10

Weight: 150

Cost: $5'000

Reload Cost: $250 per Shot

Double Load Ammo: +10

Double Load Weight: 250

Double Load Cost: +$3'000

Using identical munitions to the Lightweight version this weapon boasts a longer range and much greater ammo supply than its lightweight cousin. The cost of the weapon includes a full clip of ammo, as does the cost for Double Loading.

Combat LaserEdit

Range: 20

Accuracy: +2

Damage: +3

Shots: N/A

Weight: 100

Cost: $10'000

As with other Laser Weapons the high range and damage of this weapon is drawn from the engine and as such can only be fired once per Turn, but can fire without risk of running out of ammunition.

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