Gathering Intel on your enemies is one of the first rules of war, and many Agencies see themselves as being at war in a very real way, by finding traders, dealers, and lowlifes in the NoGo that are willing to take a bribe or two for information is a valuable resource and Forces take advantage of the desperation of these people.


While Cults and Gangs are tight nit communities they do use outsiders for supplies and information, and many Agencies will pay off such people to gather information on the movements and targets of Gangs and Cults.

Approach: +1

Cost: $20,000

When an enemy Gang or Cult make an Engagement declaration and the Agency intends to respond, they roll a D6 on the result of a 1, 2, or 3 the Informant is not helpful, on a 4 or more the Agency gains a +1 to the approach roll. this attempt can be made for any NoGo Engagement including against NoGo Sheriffs and any other Force who makes their home in the NoGo.

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