During the course of an Engagement it is possible that an Agency may end up with one or more captured Characters from an enemy Gang or Cult (Contracted Agents cannot be imprisoned as it is against the law.), the use of Holding Cells allows a character to gather Intel about their Gang or Cult before handing them over for the Reward.

Holding CellsEdit

Capturing an enemy can provide the Agency with useful information about a Gang or Cult Territory if the correct questions are asked in the right way, and Holding Cells are designed for just that sort of question. Holding Cells can be purchased multiple times, each time it is bought the Cell Capacity increases by +2.

Capacity: +2

Cost: $10,000

As long as at least 1 Character from a Gang or Cult is in the Holding Cells the Agency gains a bonus to all Engagement rolls against that Force equal to the number of Characters in cells. (E.g. The Ontario Peace Patrol have 2 Maniax in their Holding Cells from a recent Engagement, and they decide to attack the Maniax Territory, as a result they gain +2 to their Approach Roll for that engagement.)

Imprisoned Characters can be turned over to the authorities at any time after they have been captured to clear space in the Cells and gain the money from their Bounty.

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