Knowing the Road is a Skill that many road warriors are proud to have but in the middle of an engagement there are many things distracting the driver that can make them lose track of their position, the use of Global Positioning Satellites can make this somewhat easier, though only PZ Territories have well maintained systems, the NoGo is typically much harder to get accurate information on the layout and state of roads.

Facts and FiguresEdit

This upgrade is a small Satnav fitted to the Vehicle that provides up to (where Possible) information to the Driver on the layout of roads ahead of the Driver.

Weight: 0

Cost: $500

When rolling for Approach before a Game Begins if you have a Vehicle with G.P.S. then you may add +1 to your roll if the Engagement occurring in a PZ, otherwise it provides no bonus.

If a Vehicle with G.P.S is in the lead on the road and causes a new section of track to be generated they may roll 2 dice and pick the result they prefer for the next track section, this does not apply to Debris and Hazard counters as they are not part of the road maps.

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