The Highways through the Desert are dangerous that is true, roaming Gangs, Zealous Cults, Ferverent Ops Teams, Deadly Radiation, Toxic Gas, Sand Storms, UV Light, the dangers go on, this results in many drivers wanting to fit their Vehicle with protective systems that will prevent them suffering Radiation Sickness or suffocating to death in the Drivers Seat of a $70,000 Car.

Facts and FiguresEdit

By fitting special seals and protective equipment to a Vehicle the Driver and his Passengers can be protected against the harsh conditions on the road. A Vehicle equipped with this system has some protection from Radiation, Gas, and Dust in the environment.

Interior Mount: 1

Cost: $1,000

Light and Heavy Cars, and Long Wheelbase Vehicles can have Interior Components, and each type has a limited number of components they can be fitted with.

Light Cars have 6 Interior Mounts.

Heavy Cars have 8 Interior Mounts.

Long Wheelbase Vehicles have 12 Interior Mounts.

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