Putting your foot on the Brake Pedal can often not be enough in a serious situation. Some Drivers prefer to have the ability to lose speed as fast, or faster, than they can gain it. The use of computers and sensors can make a huge difference to most aspects of road Vehicles, and Braking is no exception.

Facts and FiguresEdit

A small computer and regulator fitted to the Vehicle's Brakes allows a Driver to more precisely control their vehicle's braking, and increase how fast they can Brake.

Light Car

Braking: +6mph

Panic Brake: +10mph

Weight: 1

Cost: $4'000

Heavy Car

Braking: +6mph

Panic Brake: +10mph

Weight: 2

Cost: $6'000

Long Wheelbase

Braking: +4mph

Panic Brake: +10mph

Weight: 3

Cost: $8'000

When the Vehicle suffers a Panic Brake result from a Control Test they may choose how much if any of the Panic Brake bonus that this system provides allowing them to lose more speed than normal or less if they wish.

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