Drag Chutes are specially fitted Parachutes that can be deployed at high speed and provide a vehicle with a sudden and significant deceleration to their speed, generally these systems are fitted to the back of the vehicle and do not use a Passive Mount.

Facts and FiguresEdit

The addition of a Drag Chute is designed to provide a sudden massive improvement to the vehicles Braking slowing the vehicle down very quickly and potentially averting a crash.

Shots: 1

Braking: +30mph

Weight: 20

Cost: $3'000

Reload Cost: $1'000

Double Loading Shots: +1

Double Loading Weight: 30

Double Loading Cost: $4'500

When a vehicle is traveling at 60mph or more they can deploy their chute with a Shoot action immediately slowing the vehicle by 30mph each phase the vehicle moves in until it slows to 30mph at which point the Chute detaches, if the Chute is deployed at speeds lower than 60 it automatically detaches and does not slow the vehicle. In addition to the Braking rate of the Drag Chute the vehicle can use Decelerate actions to further slow themselves but they do not need to perform the Decelerate Action.

The Drag Chute should be represented on the Board by a marker 1 Space Long and 2 Lanes wide directly behind the vehicle until it is detached, while the Drag Chute is out it causes a -2 Penalty to Shoot rolls to shoot through it, and if a vehicle comes into contact with the Chute it is immediately detached and the vehicle must make a Hazard Roll at 10mph Safety Limit as a result of the Chute covering the vehicle and getting stuck on the wheels.

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