Back in the days of Americas height racing was very popular and many developments were made to improve Handling of Cars. The Development of Spoilers and Diffusers allow Vehicles to use air pressure to keep them on the ground at high speed, Drivers with very fast Cars will often fit such equipment to improve handling.

Facts and FiguresEdit

Specially fitted Fins and Scoops on the Vehicle provide it with more down-force when at speed allowing the Driver to gain more control at high speeds.

Max Speed: -5mph

Handling (over 60mph): +1

Handling (over 90mph): +2

Handling (over 120mph): +3

Weight: 25

Cost: $10,000

A Vehicle is fitted with Diffusers they provide no bonus to Handling when the Vehicle is moving slower than 61mph, once the vehicle reaches 61mph or higher it gains a bonus of +1 Handling, at 91mph or higher the Vehicle gains a bouns of +2 (Instead of the +1), at 121mph and higher the vehicle gains +3 Handling (Instead of the +1 or +2).

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