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Dark Future The Game of Highway Warriors is a table top game set in a apocalyptic future where gangs roam the crumbling highways in vehicles festooned with weaponry, battling for control of the roads. These gangs are kept in check by Sanctioned Operatives, mercenaries paid to uphold the law and protect the people from this new threat on the roads. Originally published by Games Workshop in 1988 this game was immediately popular and still has many fans today. This Wikia is an attempt to provide a new and updated version of the rules that will change and grow as the fans provide input to the new V2 Edition of Dark Future.

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The Dark Future

In Dark Future there is a rich background of social decay and segregation where lives have changed as the US declines. Most civilians live in the PZ (Patrolled Zones) whilst the NoGo are areas outside of the law and life is lived fast and cheap. Beyond these places there is a rich History and environment that now fills America. (Due to the Dark Future Game being written nearly thirty years ago, its timeline of events is outdated and, as such, I have updated them to make the Dark Future setting in 2095).

The Rules

Tournament Rules

Main Rules

Force Creation Rules

Character Design

Territory Design

Vehicle Design

On Foot

On the Road

Off Road




There are several Record Sheets and other Templates that are very handy for Players to use in Dark Future, a selection of Downloads is available Here.


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