While Clinics provide PZ Citizens with medical care for their injuries, there are situations where a Character has suffered a crippling injury and needs a Cybernetic to be able to return to the Road, Cybernetics Boutique's offer a wide array of Cybernetics to the consumer along with safe clean surgical bays to ensure that nothing goes wrong, and even on hand Therapists to train the Character with their new Cybernetic Implants.

Cybernetics Boutique'sEdit

While you can go into the City to get a Cybernetic Implant having a Funded Boutique can make life much easier for a Force when the need for Cybernetics does crop up, making their best help available to the Character, even therapy to minimize the psychological damage the Cybernetics make.

Psychosis: -1

Cost: $15,000

When a Character has Cybernetics Implanted they can reduce their total Psychosis Gain by -1 (This means if they get a single Leg they don't gain any Psychosis, but if they have multiple Implants in one sitting they still only lower the total by -1).

In the PZ Corporate structure there are many suppliers that make Boutiques for the consumer and while they all offer the same sorts of Cybernetics they do vary in some finer details.

Gentec Bionic Boutique'sEdit

(See Gentec Bionic Boutique's)

Perhaps the largest Conglomerate in the US today, this Company operates many Cybernetics Boutiques throughout the US and offer the customer a wide variety of versions for every Cybernetic Implant.

A Force with a Gentec Bionic Boutique in their Territory has access to all the Cybernetics listed as normal, but various version also exist, such as Sport Legs, or Life Styled versions, each coming with their own casings and stylizations that set them apart from other brands.

Integrate Boutique'sEdit

(See Integrate Boutique's)

One of the larger competitors to the mighty Gentech Corporate empire, the Integrate Boutiques are increasingly popular among people who want more natural looking Cybernetic Implants, as they offer a wide range of skin toned Plaskin options for customers.

A Force that brings in an Integrate Boutique has access to all the usual Cybernetics listed as normal but gat Plaskin coverings for any Cybernetics they Buy automatically (Though it must be paid for).

Fusion Factory Boutique'sEdit

(See Fusion Factory Boutique's)

Among the newest of the Boutiques the Fusion Factory are a subsidiary of a large Software company and they offer a wide range of Cybernetics as other do but they also offer Software Packages as part of special deals, in the aim of increasing the Cyborg population.

A Force with a Fusion Factory Boutique in the Territory is able to buy Cybernetics as normal, but they will often have special deals for reputable Characters offering increased discounts when Kudos is spent to reduce prices by an additional $50.

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