Crash Suppression System

While PZ Civilian Cars use extensive safety mechanisms to keep their Driver and Passengers alive often through computerised Road control systems, most Road Warriors have very little in the way of safety measures in their vehicle, but as they grow more experienced they become very valuable to their organization and staying alive becomes more important.

Crash suppression systems combine a strengthened frame around the driver, inflatable crash bags, and additional padding in the driver's compartment.

Facts and FiguresEdit

Fitting Air Bags, Support Frames, and other safety devices around the Driver it is possible to provide some protection against Critical Hits on the Driver caused During Rolls and Crashes.

Weight: 10

Cost: $5,000

A crash suppression system gives the driver a saving throw against any driver critical hit resulting from a crash or a roll.

When a Driver Critical Hit occurs the Player rolls 2D6 if the total is higher than the Vehicle current Speed Factor then the Crash Suppression System works and prevents any roll on the Critical Chart, this protects the Driver completely from any Damage the Critical Would have caused.

If the roll is equal to or less than the Speed Factor of the Vehicle then the Critical affects the Driver as normal.

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