The high exposure of a driver to potential death or injury on Bikes is often something that concerns those who use them and as such a wide variety of types of Bars and plating are often fitted to the sides of a bike to protect the driver and bike from Critical damage and Crashes that might cause the Driver to lose control or be killed entirely.

Facts and FiguresEdit

Bikes and Trike's provide very little protection to their driver and some prefer to fit reinforced bars to their bike or Trike so they have a better chance of survival on the road. Crash bars may only be fitted to bikes/trike's - indeed, they are the only safety device which may be fitted to a bike. Crash bars and outrigger mounts may not be combined.

Armour: Sides 2

Critical Hits: -2

Weight: 10

Cost: $500

Bikes and Trikes can both have this Upgrade but at the cost of not being able to fit Outrigger Mounts or Sidecars to their vehicle.

When a bike which is fitted with crash bars takes a side hit as a result of a roll, crash or collision, subtract -2 from the damage. Bikes with crash bars also subtract -2 from critical hit rolls arising from a side hit as a result of a roll, crash or collision.

Despite the limit of 4 Layers of Bodywork restricting a Bike or 5 for a Trike from having more than 4 or 5 Armour this upgrade does add +2 Armour to the Bike or Trikes Sides in addition to any bodywork without affecting Layer limits on Bodywork.

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