Characters on Foot will often find they are engaged in battle with each other or firing upon enemy Vehicles, but sometimes they will come close enough that hitting each other with Fists, Guns, Knives, Chainsaws, etc. becomes possible and even efficient as they do not run out of Ammunition.

Close Combat On FootEdit

When Two Characters are in the same space or within 2cm of each other they may attempt to attack one another with Melee strikes, when this occurs the Character with Initiative can declare a Melee Action. When this happens both Characters roll a D6 and add any Weapon bonuses they gain for their equipped Weapon, the Character who wins the roll (Scores highest) deals 1 Damage to the looser, if it is a Draw then neither Character receives damage and they must continue to do battle.

Each Character in a Close Combat situation can declare a Melee Action Each Pedestrian Phase until the Enemy has run out of Wounds or has fled the Close Combat Area.

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