The simplest system for controling any Vehicle thats generally available to anyone with some parts and tools, most Civilian Vehicles in PZ Territories are typically fitted with this system, some Bikers and Drivers make use of this system to save weight or money on building a new Vehicle.

Facts and FiguresEdit

The Most basic form of Drive System for any Vehicle is the Cable System, composed of a few levers, hinges, and cables to provide a direct connection to the engine and wheels.

Bikes and TrikesEdit

Braking: -5mph

Handling: +3

Weigh: 10

Cost: $2'000

Light and Heavy CarsEdit

Braking: -5mph

Handling: +2

Weight: 25

Cost: $4'000

Long WheelbaseEdit

Braking: -5mph

Handling: +1

Weight: 40

Cost: $5'000

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