Unlike Bikes, a Car cannot lean into the corners usually, but the use of special control systems in the Suspension of a Vehicle can allow it to adjust the tilt of the body and make it effectively lean into corners. This makes a Vehicle much more maneuverable that it would normally be, and is popular among Drivers with the Cash and need for high Handling Vehicles.

Facts and FiguresEdit

Sensors and regulatory systems fitted to the vehicles suspension allow the vehicle to tilt into the corners or other Hazards allowing the Driver to control their Vehicle more effectively on the road.

Depending on the Weight and Complexity of the Vehicles Chassis the cost and effect of this system can vary, check what type of Chassis your Vehicle has and consult the correct section below.

Light Car ChassisEdit

Handling: +2

Weight: 30

Cost: $8,000

Heavy Car ChassisEdit

Handling: +2

Weight: 40

Cost: $12,000

Long WheelbaseEdit

Handling: +1

Weight: 50

Cost: $14,000

Once Fitted to a Vehicle the Active Suspension becomes part of the Wheels, but requires the Vehicles Engine to provide power to the system, if Wheels or Engine are disabled the Active Suspension will not work and the Handling Bonus is lost.

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